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Teachers Voted Phonics Number 1 Reading Method In The World!

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"A must-have Learn to Read Phonics CD-ROM reading program
For Children, Parents & Teachers."

A serious, yet child-friendly Homeschooling 
Phonics program that really teaches your child to read!


This system teaches kids of all ages to read by sounding out letters and words. There are only 26 letters and some letters have more than one sound. But think of the thousands of words a student must memorize if he is taught to read by the "sight method." The recording teacher on the CD is a REAL teacher. Learn Phonics Will Read was developed by a Board of Education Administrator who developed this innovative phonics system as she taught reading in the public schools. Her students surpassed those students who did not have the opportunity to experience Learn Phonics / Will Read.

Outstanding Features of "LEARN PHONICS / WILL READ"

Comprehensive: Sounds are thoroughly taught from A to Z using new, creative techniques-- The traditional blended with the modern. This is a serious learn to read homeschooling program -- not just fun and games that will teach your child to read quickly.

Easy to learn: The fifteen phonics lessons are taught in a clear, simple manner. Very little parental help needed -- self instructional. Just slide the CD Rom in your computer -- listen and interact with Ms. Friendly Owl, the recording teacher will teach your child to read.

Rapid: Student will learn all of the letter sounds and how to blend the sounds into words within a few hours.

Very little Repetition: Each lesson is different -- Each lesson builds upon the previous one -- Student remains interested, alert; not bored. As the student becomes stronger in his or her reading ability, self esteem mounts.

Fun: Learning games are played. The "Vowel Sisters" and "Consonant Brothers"playfully say their own sounds in the beginning lessons.

Tactile experience as well as an auditory and visual one: The student interacts with the recording teacher and the animated characters. The student clicks in the answers on tests and learns if he is right or wrong. Of course, the lesson can be repeated as many times as desired.

Comprehension results with ease in reading.

Costs Less...Learn More!

With Learn Phonics Will Read, children learning to read isn't just lip service, it's guaranteed!


Why is phonics the most widely used homeschooling method in the world

It is the most widely used method in the world because it is fun, easy and it works - guaranteed! Children learn to read at their own pace, then review what they have learned and then put it to use by reading books. Learn Phonics Will read helps create reading proficiency by starting with the basics and creating the building blocks that make learning easy. Built and designed entirely by teachers specifically for children to learn to read at home, Learn Phonics Will Read will have your child comprehending and reading in a matter of weeks. Start your child on the path to reading success at home and higher grades at school today!

Instruction in: 
  • All consonant and vowel sounds
  • How letter sounds are blended into words
  • Several ways to spell letter sounds: fur, sir
  • Reading common words through sound: was,
    the, how, and, etc.
  • Pre and Post test


100% Money Back Guarantee.

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